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Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School
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NovelReincarnation Of The Businesswoman At SchoolReincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School
Chapter 2161 – Hate Coercion and Threats the Most obtain stroke
Just after departing the café, Gu Ning returned on the siheyuan. All at once, she also inquired K to research and stick to Track Yang, begining with the analysis of Blue colored Maple Decor Organization.
Hearing that, Jing Yunfei suddenly searched irritated. Though he didn’t know who this so-termed guy was, the person was obviously from the farming society.
“Miss Gu, I want to cooperate on you. If it’s probable, I don’t want to have any disagreeable situations along,” Jing Yunfei stated, utilizing the motivation and looking at how Gu Ning would choose.
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Gu Ning described them for the reason that she wasn’t concerned that Jing Yunfei would head to inquire further.
Chapter 2161: Loathe Coercion and Risks essentially the most
However she wasn’t frightened of Jing Yunfei, she didn’t want him to truly want to do something to her providers, simply because once he did it, there might be loss. Even if she finally got payment, it will continue to be very bothersome.
Gu Ning moved back to the siheyuan and inquired Shangguan Yang to obtain a Taoist secret determine to point out a ghost’s physique, which she prepared for Zhao Xiaoxi
On the other hand, nevertheless, so long as he managed everything, others would certainly explore him. As a result, he was vulnerable by Gu Ning’s phrases.
Because of that, Jing Yunfei noticed he was greatly humiliated by Gu Ning, which built him more not happy along with her.
“Really? Is Mr. Jing gonna fight with me for the end?” Gu Ning expected calmly. Regardless that Jing Yunfei seemed to be very capable, Gu Ning still experienced no worry by any means.
No need to suppose, Jing Yunfei already understood who those people have been. These were like him and were definitely delivered by other powerful people for the same intention.
“Really? Is Mr. Jing likely to argue with me on the conclusion?” Gu Ning inquired calmly. Though Jing Yunfei appeared to be very ready, Gu Ning still felt no dread in any way.
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She want to find that woman, but she didn’t know who that girl was, or how to locate her.
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Listening to that, even if Jing Yunfei didn’t desire to believe it, he couldn’t aid but believe it, so he believed even worse now. If Gu Ning was resorting to lies, she wouldn’t be aware of titles of the people people today! She also knew his complete name as he only instructed her his last name.
That mid-day, Gu Ning took a make of absence. At noon, she traveled to the café near their university to satisfy with Jing Yunfei and pointed out company makes a difference.
“Oh, definitely? Miss out on Gu, can you let me know who the person is?” Jing Yunfei questioned. He wasn’t fully certain by Gu Ning’s thoughts. Gu Ning wasn’t a normal woman, and she might be misleading him on function.
“If so, I do believe I would leave behind now,” mentioned Jing Yunfei, he then endured up and walked away without having reluctance.
The consequence of the conversation was naturally unsatisfying. Hence, Jing Yunfei considered coercion and bribery, wanting to oppress Gu Ning.
Gu Ning hadn’t complete her espresso nevertheless, so she didn’t speed to exit. She concluded the espresso before causing.
No, a person must be from Tiandaozong, as only people from Tiandaozong could scare those individuals Gu Ning just stated.
Gu Ning went straight back to the siheyuan and required Shangguan Yang for the Taoist wonder figure to demonstrate a ghost’s body, which she prepared for Zhao Xiaoxi
“Mr. Jing, online business involves enthusiasm. I am not willing to accomplish this handle you. That may be my independence and strength. Isn’t it too overbearing that you can be so a little overwhelming and intimidating?” Gu Ning claimed mockingly, without the need of rage, however it created men and women actually feel quite compelled.
“That’s since they do not have the capability.” Jing Yunfei wasn’t angry, but remained arrogant. He confessed that Gu Ning was very exceptional, but she was outstanding only among mortals. In their sight, she was just a n.o.entire body.
If he only attacked her, there was not a thing for her to think about.
All at once, Jing Yunfei also asked yourself regardless of whether it was since Dongfang Jinghong and Yin s.h.i.+yi discovered which they couldn’t cooperate with Gu Ning, and deliberately reported such as that to her, in order that others couldn’t cooperate with Gu Ning frequently.
“So? You will discover not less than plenty of people which emerged to talk to me about enterprise, and many of them have tried out coercion and enticement, but no-one has ever was successful,” Gu Ning said. She couldn’t maintenance a smaller amount about Jing Yunfei’s sentiments.
“I don’t know the name of the person, although i be aware of the brands of the men and women. Those are known as Dongfang Jinghong, Yin s.h.i.+yi, and Hong Yifeng, therefore you are known as Jing Yunfei,” Gu Ning explained.
At the same time, Gu Ning also advised Shangguan Yang about Zhao Xiaoxi’s storyline. Shangguan Yang possessed no judgment about what Gu Ning did, as long as she didn’t eliminate on her own personal.
Though she wasn’t terrified of Jing Yunfei, she didn’t want him to totally take action to her providers, due to the fact once he did it, there could be loss. Whether or not she finally obtained settlement, it will continue to be very difficult.
After what obtained took place the other day, Qu Hanjiao dropped sickly during the night. She were built with a great a fever plus it was really serious, so she required make and moved your home earlier the subsequent morning hours.
No, the individual should be from Tiandaozong, as only persons from Tiandaozong could scare the individuals Gu Ning just outlined.
Gu Ning moved directly back to the siheyuan and questioned Shangguan Yang for the Taoist magical figure to indicate a ghost’s physique, which she prepared for Zhao Xiaoxi
Of course, murder was illegal. Gu Ning and Melody Yang experienced no strong grievances, and murder have also been unfavorable to one’s yin morality.
Gu Ning naturally wasn’t oppressed by the tension from Jing Yunfei, and she was upset at his coercion and urge. She also published formidable pressure towards him.
“Really? Is Mr. Jing gonna fight with me into the end?” Gu Ning asked calmly. Despite the fact that Jing Yunfei appeared to be very equipped, Gu Ning still noticed no concern at all.
After leaving behind the café, Gu Ning sent back to your siheyuan. Concurrently, she also required K to research and abide by Track Yang, starting from the research of Violet Maple Design Corporation.
Gu Ning naturally wasn’t oppressed via the strain from Jing Yunfei, and she was mad at his coercion and enticement. She also introduced solid tension towards him.
No need to imagine, Jing Yunfei already knew who individuals ended up. These people were like him and have been sent by other potent people for similar objective.
“Miss Gu, I simply want to work with you. If it’s probable, I don’t desire to have any unpleasant conflicts along with you,” Jing Yunfei reported, making the effort and watching how Gu Ning would select.
Concurrently, Gu Ning also told Shangguan Yang about Zhao Xiaoxi’s story. Shangguan Yang obtained no opinion on which Gu Ning performed, providing she didn’t get rid of in her own personal.
Section 2161: Hate Coercion and Hazards by far the most
That daytime, Gu Ning had taken a keep of absence. At midday, she attended the café near their school to meet up with with Jing Yunfei and discussed small business things.