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Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

NovelTrial Marriage Husband: Need to Work HardTrial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard
Chapter 1018 First Performance chalk mitten
“When your daughter is phoning for support, there’s no factor showing up all on your own . In addition to, Hong Jie, perhaps you have considered the results of heading there? No matter whether your son is really there, your reputation will definitely be damaged . Especially when Feng Jing’s abandoned your child . What do you think the gossips would say?”
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Before long, Feng Jing obtained Tangning’s ‘gift’ . Immediately after beginning the envelope, she looked over the pictures in impact .
Anything could well be Feng Jing’s capture!
Every thing could well be Feng Jing’s capture!
Feng Jing got no idea that Tangning experienced shuffled the credit cards .
Right after ability to hear this, Luo Yinghong froze . Tangning was perfect .
“Don’t be stressed . The moment Feng Jing comes along we are going to take photographs of her . We won’t uncover them . I will have another use for them . “
Luo Yinghong sighed . She was actually a tiny frightened by what can have happened . If Feng Jing got her way and also lured her towards the night club, what could have happened?
Tangning looked over the photographs that her assistant got . Despite the fact that Feng Jing covered herself up snugly, they still mastered to have a near up picture of her .
Tangning immediately directed her secretary to take a look the identify and her secretary quickly returned having an respond to, “Director Tang, this is the brand associated with a famous club in Beijing . “
“Yes,” the assistant promptly remaining work .
Soon after requesting him a few pre-determined questions, they left behind him to continue having .
“My kid is dialling for help . “
Luo Yinghong viewed her telephone confusedly and carried on to tune in .
So, she hung within the cell phone and decided to go to take into consideration Tangning . Following revealing Tangning concerning the phone call she received, Tangning allow out a have a good laugh .
“I understand, Director Tang . “
“I realize, Director Tang . “
“Using this . . . Feng Jing will have no selection but at hand the little gentleman back above . “
Following listening to this, Luo Yinghong froze . Tangning was perfect .
Feng Jing can have never thought, after scheming against other individuals her total life, she’d find yourself the injured person of someone else’s program so easily . As it stumbled on strategizing, she wasn’t even 1/10th as good as Tangning .
Feng Jing may have never dreamed, just after scheming against some others her complete lifestyle, she’d wind up the prey of somebody else’s structure so conveniently . In the event it stumbled on strategizing, she wasn’t even 1/10th as effective as Tangning .
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So, she immediately created a call to Luo Yinghong, “Sl*t, do you find yourself disregarding your daughter just to get back at me?”
After, Tangning’s secretary given back to Superstar Press with photos and information .
Tangning viewed the photographs that her secretary had taken . Despite the fact that Feng Jing wrapped themselves up properly, they still maintained to get a special up taken of her .
“Chat . Be uncomplicated and say what you would like . “
Using the same thinking, Tangning suddenly changed around and said to her assistant, “Proceed to the nightclub at the moment and get a professional bartender to take the telephone off Luo Yinghong’s son and gives Feng Jing a phone contact . Inform him to alert that Hong Jie’s kid is in difficulty and tell her to rush above and go with him up . Otherwise, the photographs as part of his smartphone could easily get leaked . . . “
The young man mumbled an home address and put up the mobile phone .
So, for Luo Yinghong to truly be free of Feng Jing, it was subsequently required to strip her of her tool .
Tangning investigated Luo Yinghong and suddenly noticed that, for a mommy, she was very pitiful . She were bullied by Feng Jing for a great number of a long time, still, she possessed absolutely no way of retaliating . Most extreme of all, Feng Jing experienced her hands on the sharpest weapon and might pierce it direct through her cardiovascular any time .
In the near future, Feng Jing came to the nightclub as offered . Just after wearing a thorough disguise, it had been hard for those to recognize her .
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Right after hearing this, Luo Yinghong froze . Tangning was right .
The youthful male mumbled an handle and put up along the cellphone .
Quickly, Feng Jing came to the night club as assured . Just after using a very careful conceal, it was hard for anyone to recognize her .
Tangning immediately instructed her secretary to check within the identity and her secretary rapidly given back through an answer, “Leader Tang, that is the name of an prominent night club in Beijing . “